Money is a tool.  It can be your intellectual capital because you are using your brain to generate ideas. Those ideas making money meaning money is not just something that you can hold in wallet. That’s right, money can be and is many things. Another example money can be a talent or a skill it can be anything that someone values and has a desire to trade. It can be a house that you sell or a house that you rent  to generate money it can be a business that you own or land purchased.

Money has never always been paper or copper Native Americans used purple beads or shells to trade. People would use gold or labor for labor or some times trade anything for something in return but money is not just something that you can fold in your hand or roll up into a rubber band money is you your muscles your appearance you talents you brain that is where the real money is you. Money is multiple things and it is not just what you can roll up into a fat wad of paper your value is precious.